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This article will be posted every fourth Tuesday of the month and will revisit one past group spotlight from Love dA Lit and one literature group who is in need of admins to help with their various group activities.

:groups: This month we will be taking a look at Letters-To-Myself and revisiting FantasyLiterature!:groups:


Group in Need | Past Spotlight | Contacting Me

Group In Need


"We're basically a letting writing group! We started when the yearly 'letters to myself' contests began and each month we have a different letter writing prompt and have been branching out. Our next 'letters to myself' contest will launch again in December in time for the New Year but until then we have monthly prompts with the chance to win prizes too. We're desperate for admin to help us keep going with blogs, submissions and general awesomeness! " -Kaz-D

Useful Links:
:bulletpink: Guidelines [Near the bottom of the journal]
:bulletpink: Gallery
:bulletpink: Current Prompt

To Apply:

Send Kaz-D a note with a short blurb about yourself and why you would like the position.

Open Admin Positions:

:bulletpink: Weekly Bloggers
:bulletpink: Monthly Bloggers
:bulletpink: Voters

Weekly Bloggers:
  • Blog weekly celebrity letters or features

Monthly Bloggers:
  • Create a blog about the monthly contest.
  • Manage submissions to the monthly contest.
  • Co-ordinate with winners.

  • Vote on gallery submissions.
  • Can be combined with the duties of Monthly and Weekly Bloggers.

Please be advised that I am not an administrator of the featured group, if you wish to apply please send a note to Kaz-D.

Past Spotlight

"FantasyLiterature is a group devoted to the fantasy genre. We not only showcase fantasy literature, we also strive to help writers improve and create new and exciting stories."

Useful Links:
:bulletpink: Submission Guidelines
:bulletpink: FAQ
:bulletpink: Helpful Links
:bulletpink: Gallery

TarienCole kindly took the time to answer some questions about FantasyLiterature, even though it was a bit short notice!

:star:FantasyLiterature's goal is to give fantasy writers a place to connect with each other, to learn and share their work. Do you think the group has achieved this?
I think we're progressing toward this. We have ideas to expand our interests slightly, while still being the first place to look for Fantasy Lit on dA.  We hope to expand on the Feedback Pack to begin to allow writers to grow as the contribute as well.

:star:Feedback Pack, the group's joint project with Authors-of-Fantasy, has been going on for quite some time. What has been the most challenging aspect of having a joint project with another group? The most fun?
I think the Feedback Pack is a great way to allow for an intermediate step between the typical comments one receives and the detailed feedback of a Beta-Reader. I hope it whets people's appetites for serious artistic growth. I think having it with a group that's always been a sister-group of ours in Authors-of-Fantasy allows for a rather seamless transition with the two. But that's as much due to betwixtthepages being generally awesome as anything..

:star:As you know, admins are vital to a groups success, how would you describe the group's administrators?
They prop me up well. ;) They're also writers who have a passion for Fantasy and writing. Any shortcomings in the group are my own.

:star:Personally, what do you think makes FantasyLiterature a great group?
People committed to the process of making modern myth. Who dream and write what's in their heart. Fantasy doesn't have to be some lesser quality lit, or something we grow out of. I'm 42, and I may love my fantasy a little darker now, but I still believe in the power of myth to speak deeper truths to us.

:star:Do you have anything else of note you wish to add?
Just to thank you for this time and the work you personally do in building the literature community.


OwenHe managed to focus his eyes just enough to see the person who had gripped and twisted his arms behind him. The light in his room was bright, but wavering. There were others. He could plainly see their mismatch cloth and hair, twined like serpents under thick turbans. Another stepped forward, a bag in hand.
Owen wrenched his arms free and pushed against the heaviness in the middle of his back and kicked at another. He bolted toward the door and stopped short. It was not sunlight which flooded his small room.
Flames consumed his home beyond frame of the door. Bodies were entangled in melee. Bursts of light, and he stumbled and fell. The heaviness returned to the middle of his back and he was forced against the cool floor. His head swam in a murk aware of only the incredible movement about him, and of a crackling and popping sound from far away. Lethargy and heat bore against his body. He twisted to look toward the door. This caused his head to object furiously and his throat constricted
The Wailing: TeaserPart I: The Sirens
The sound of the sirens is what has stayed with me. I remember the explosions, the engines of the Messerschmitts, the screams of men trapped beneath the rubble. Of course I do. But it is the wail of the sirens that yet haunts my dreams, settles that same cold sickness in my gut, that same cold slickness on my palms. It is the banshee shriek of coming death.
The night was cold and clear when that sound prickled along my arms like so many icy fingers reaching out from behind the drapes.
Rowan stilled her hands at the typewriter and ripped the sheet from the machine, lest some unscrupulous eye should take advantage of her temporary absence. She snatched up a grey cardigan, a torch, and the requisite gas mask, and had nearly gotten to the door before she turned back to look at me. Her dark eyes were as empty as ever.
‘Are you coming?’ she asked as she stuck one arm into a cardigan sleeve.
‘I’ll follow later,’ I said. ‘
:thumb323972629: The Lady of Chains (Part One of Five)
As soon as the doors closed, Viola knew she'd be lucky if she was ever given the chance to step outside them again. The sound didn't just echo throughout the tower, but appeared to signal the ending of her old life and the beginning of an entirely different one.
"You'll have to watch this one," Mrs Casket said, holding up a frail hand speckled with age. The index finger was missing. "She bites."
Viola averted her eyes, trying to ignore the ball of apprehension growing in her belly. She gazed up at the winding staircase. Her tongue felt like a strip of dried leather and it was difficult to form words around it. "How much longer until we're there?"
Mrs Casket stopped in her tracks and raised the lantern. Her hair was pinned back and greying at the temples. In the dull light her eyes looked almost black, glittering like a beetle's shell. Viola half-expected them to scuttle around her face at any moment, disappearing between the creases of her skin.
"You doubt yourself, my girl," Mrs Caske

Mature Content

Contacting Me

:note: Please feel free to send me a note if your literature group has an open admin position, or if you know of a group who needs help.

:note: Keep in mind that since this is only a monthly article I can't plan too far in advance, but I will be happy to add your group's call for help to my Love dA Lit article in the meantime.

:note: Being featured in Love dA Lit previously does not bar you from being featured as the 'Group in Need'. That means if I feature your group here and you haven't all ready been featured in Love dA Lit, expect to hear from me soon. ;)

If you have any questions regarding this article or suggestions, never hesitate to comment below or send me a note! :heart:

Discuss: How often do you submit to groups? Do you submit everything you post or only a few?

This article will be posted every fourth Tuesday of the month and will revisit one past group spotlight from Love dA Lit and one literature group who is in need of admins to help with their various group activities.

Special thanks to ^Kaz-D and *TarienCole for letting me pester them last minute! :heart:
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"I still believe in the power of myth to speak deeper truths to us."

Well said :iconbravoplz:
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:heart: I agree.
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Thank you kindly for the interview. ;)
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You are so very welcome! It was an absolute pleasure. :heart:
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